Culture Organization Cooperation Network

“European Culture Identities”


Building sustainable partnerships and promoting cooperation between different culture organizations for developing new social culture projects and initiatives.


Culture organization cooperation network “European Culture Identities” (ECI) was established in 27th November 2007, in Valmiera, Latvia, on initiative of Vidzeme Culture Art and Culture Association. It started out as a regional network as an answer to challenges to cultural organizations created by administrative regional reform in Latvia.
On 2010 we decided to go international and organized first international event of the network – conference and festival “European Culture Street”. Conference “Cooperation models of Culture Organizations and Planning and Implementation Processes of Cultural Policies” gathered 40 participants from 10 countries, discussing on local and global challenges in EU cultural policies and possibilities of cooperation. Festival “European Culture Street” took place in streets of Valmiera – different artists (musicians, storytellers, craftsmen, folk art ensembles, illusionists, theatre artists) from 15 European countries in attractive and interactive way represented their countries and demonstrated their skills.


In 2015 culture organization cooperation network “European Culture Identities” will be registered as official organization. We will apply for the funding for “Erasmus+” programme, action “Strategic Partnerships”. Partner meeting/conference will be organized to agree on collaboration principles and implementation mechanisms of the network and to establish administrative un organizational structure of the network;
In 2015 International culture event “European Culture Street” will be organized in one of the partner countries;
In 2016 there will be 15 organizations from 10 different countries registered as members of the network. We apply for the funding for programme “Creative Europe”, action “European Networks”.

As the main tool for developing successful partnerships, projects and initiatives, common web based information platform will be used.

In every two years following events will take place:

  • 1st year – international culture conference in one of the partner countries of ECI,
  • 2nd year – festival “European Culture Street” in one of the partner countries of ECI.


Currently culture organization cooperation network “European Culture Identities” is looking for new members – organizations which are working in the field of culture, are interested in promoting culture accessibility, implementing social culture projects and developing long-term partnerships.
If your organization is interested in joining us, please fill the partner agreement form!

Or – for more information contact:

Madara Aldiņa
Vidzeme Culture and Art Association „Haritas”
Project Manager

*Implementation of the named activities depends on success in project calls and received funding.

This activity is supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the financial mechanism of Europe Economic Area (EEA) and the Latvian State. More information about EEA and its supported programs: un,