European Voluntary Service

What is European Voluntary service (EVS)?

EVS is great opportunity for you to:

• Challenge yourself!
• Grow your personality!
• Get rich and interesting life experience!
• Get to know the culture of other countries!
• Share with others your knowledge and skills!

What EVS can give to you?

If you are 18-30 years old, you can go to one of the member state of “Erasmus+” program or to some other country in the world and spend there from 2 weeks till even 12 month working as volunteer, providing support and different ways helping your receiving organization with your ideas and work.

What you can do?

EVS themes can be very different and you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you:

• Youth information and politic, citizenship activities (for example, work in organizations which work with international relationships, organize polictical campaigns, work with development of youth policy, etc.);
• Social care and including (for example, work in orphanage, refugee camps, activities with children with special needs, etc.);
• Environment (like, work in nature parks, work in organizations which challenge the environmental problems, etc.);
• Programs of informal education (like, work in youth centers, organizations which use informal educations in their work, informal education in schools, etc.);
• Information and communication technologies (like, work in PR, creation of different articles and blogs, work with technologies, etc.);
• Culture and creativity (for example, organizing local un international cultural events, different creative activities, etc.).

Important! Volunteers and organizations need to remember – project need to ensure the full time volunteering job, informal and everyday learning for youth, it need to be connected with goals of “Erasmus+” program and objectives of volunteer, as much as possible reflect the personal abilities, wishes and learning needs of volunteer. Volunteers can’t do employee responsibilities and too high responsibility work. Routine work must be reduce till minimum and in volunteer objectives must include communication with local society.

How can it help you in future?

After the end of voluntary service project you will receive Youthpass which will confirm and describe the learning experience that you gain during the EVS and it might help you at labor market in your future.

What will be provided?

Applying for volunteer service and participation in it is free. There will be provided accommodation costs, insurance, language learning, visa costs, etc., and also to a certain extent travel costs to a place of project and back. In addition, you will receive small pocket money which size depends from the country were the voluntary service is taking place.

How to take a part in EVS?

To take a part in EVS project:

• You need a sending organization in your country which will prepare you for the project and support you during your EVS.
• You need to find accredited EVS hosting organization in the country you want to go to and which will be ready to host you. Your sending organization could help you to find hosting organization for you, or you can find it yourself here –

Great thing!

We – Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas” are looking for volunteer for EVS project starting in September 2015 and can be your hosting organization. To learn more about that, you are welcome to look here (application deadline April 7th, 2015) or contact us in e-mail: