Implemented projects

Digital Storytelling: Empowerment for Resilience

This is a mobility project for youth workers in framework of European Union Programme “Erasmus+”, Key Action 1 “Mobility for young people and youth workers.

Aim of the project – to improve digital competences of youth workers by introducing them to digital storytelling and possibilities to use it in nonformal education, especially working with socially disadvantaged youth in order to build their resilience.

Main activities of the project: 7 day training course for youth workers, which will take place in Valmiera, Latvia May 13-19, 2015; compilation of resources “Youth workers’ guide to digital storytelling”; using digital storytelling methods in practice; project publicity.

During the 7 day training course youth workers did:

  • learn basic elements of storytelling and digital storytelling through nonformal education;
  • learn how to use free online digital storytelling tools (such as Pixlr, Audacity, WeVideo, PowToon, etc.) and how to build and publish their own digital story;
  • explore new ways how to work with vulnerable youth and built their resilience using digital storytelling and nonformal education methods;
  • create a resource pack “Youth workers’ guide to digital storytelling”.

30 participants from 6 countries (Latvia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey) took part in the project. Project particiants (age 18-45) are experienced youth workers working with different target groups – rural youth, socially disadvantaged youth, youth with special needs, young migrants, etc.

More information about project results and activities on project Facebook page.

Project funding from European Commission- 22 830.00 euro

Common Stories of Europe

Project “Common Stories of Europe” is Grundtvig Learning partnership project which involves 6 partners: Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas” (Latvia), Orka Consulting-Lodz (Poland), Association CITRIN-sdružení pro osobní rozvoj, o. s. (Chech Republic), “George Topirceanu” Culture and Arts center (Romania), Librotondo Soc. Coop ONLUS (Italy), Associação Empresarial de Paços de Ferreira Portugal). Association “Haritas” is leading partner in this project.

Main aim of the project-to support the educational challenge of an ageing population in Europe and intergenerational cooperation between seniors and youth using story-telling learning, story-telling festivals and workshops, examples of good practice and learning to learn.

Main activities: international project meetings, storytelling workshops during storytelling festivals, development of WEB platform and Methodical, video and audio materials about Storytelling, story preparing and telling, information day for stakeholders, final conference.

Project will last from August 2012 until July 2014.
Funding for activities of Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas”: 21 000 EUR

Project web page

Project Facebook page


Active Participation of Regional NGOs in Formation and Implementation of Cultural Policy

Aim of the project: to strengthen capacity of NGO participation in formation and implementation of cultural policy and administration of cultural services in Vidzeme region.

Target group – employees, members and volunteers of Vidzeme region NGOs, working in culture field interested in raising quality of cultural services and influence formation and implementation of cultural policy in local, regional and national scope.

Project participants improved their knowledge on processes of policy formation, decision making and actualities in field of cultural policy in Latvia and Europe. Also they improved their argumentation and cooperation skills, to be able to represent their opinions and advocate interests of society groups in local and national scope. Project promoted cooperation between Vidzeme region NGOs and NGOs in other European countries working in culture field, exchanging positive experiences.
Project was implemented by Association „Culturelab” (Cēsis) in cooperation with Vidzeme Culture and Art Association „Haritas” (Valmiera).
Project lasted from October 2012 to May 2013.
Project budget: 18 000 EUR. Project is financed by European Social Fund. 


Your Music in Our City

Aim of the project – to promote accessibility of cultural events for different target groups; to diversify cultural life of Valmiera City and further cooperation between different fields of culture.
Project activities: free open-air concerts of different genres (folklore groups, alternative music, vocal and instrumental ensembles).
Project is financed by Valmiera City Municipality. Project budget: 640.00 EUR
Project lasts since May 2012 until September 2012. 



Latvian Children and Youth Theatre Festival „…and I will go and go…”

From year 2007  to 2012 every spring Vidzeme Culture and Art Association „Haritas” cooperated with community theatre „Sprīdītis” to organize Latvian Children and Youth Theatre Festival “…and I will go and go…”

2010 – 2012 Festival was expanded with another activity – National Young Playwright Competition.

Main aims of the festival: to promote development of children and youth theatre, to motivate creation of performances of high quality and mobility, to facilitate professional development of theatre directors, fostering exchange of experiences.

Festival is financially supported by State Culture Capital Foundation, Valmiera City Municipality and Valmiera Dictrict Municipality (2007- 2009).




For United and Civic Vidzeme Region

Aim of the Project – to strengthen traditional and untraditional forms of civic engagement between population of Vidzeme region, develop civic education in Vidzeme region, using formal and nonformal education methods.

Main activities – competition for minority youth on integration policy, consultations for Vidzeme region NGOs, development of information platform for NGOs, organization of meetings and forum for activists in field of culture in Vidzeme region.
Project is funded by Latvian Ministry of Culture, Project budget: 7490.00 EUR
Project lasts from January 2012 until October 2012. 



Legends of European Towns

Town twinning citizens meeting “Legends of European towns” took place in Valmiera, Latvia from 30th of June to 4th of July 2011. 300 participants from six twinning towns (Valmiera, Solna, Viljandi, Halle Westfalen, Zdunska Wola and Panevezys) took part in the event.

Aim of the project was to promote direct exchange between citizens of twinning towns through their participation in the project, encouraging further networking and cooperation. This project brought together people from local communities across the Europe, to share and exchange their experience and values, to learn from each other and together build a better future for the Europe.

Activities: public activities in the city (performances, concerts, workshops, information stands, game day), that involved all project participants and citizens of the town, creative workshops for participants and their local partners, forum for NGO’s, individual meetings between stakeholders for sharing experiences and developing future cooperation action plans.

Project was organized by Valmiera City municipality in cooperation with Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas”.
Project was funded by EC Programme “Europe for Citizens”. Project budget: 15 000 EUR. 



Support to activities of Vidzeme Culture and Art Association „HARITAS”

The aim of the project: to provide sustainability of Vidzeme Culture and Art Association „Haritas”, developing sufficient financial, technical and human resources capacity.

Project activities: development of culture organization cooperation network, creation of home page and cooperation organizations’ database, providing information about actualities in NGO sector, continuing work on existing projects and attaching financial resources for other projects. Project lasted from September 2009 to December 2010.
Supported by Programme of EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism administered by Society Integration Foundation: NGO support measure.
Costs for year 2009: 11 378,10 EUR, costs for year 2010: 34 134, 55 EUR SIF_logo_krasains_pamata_RGB (Small)


International Festival „European Culture Street”

Aim of the festival: consolidate society in local, national and European level. Festival took place on July 2010, Valmiera, Latvia and it consisted of two main events: International Culture Conference “CREATE” and International Festival “European Culture Street”.

Festival was organized by Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas” in cooperation by state, local government, nongovernmental sector and entrepreneur institutions.

Theme of the conference – Cooperation models of Culture Organizations and Planning and Implementation Processes of Cultural Policies. Objectives of the conference: to introduce conference participants with local and global challenges in EU cultural policies; to agree on collaboration principles and implementation mechanisms of culture organization cooperation network “European Culture Identities” , to establish administrative un organizational structure of the network, to develop and to agree on work plan 2011 of culture organization cooperation network “European Culture Identities”. 40 participants took part in conference.

Festival took place in streets of Valmiera. Different artists (musicians, storytellers, craftsmen, folk art ensembles, illusionists, theatre artists) from 15 European countries took part in festival in attractive and interactive way representing their country and demonstrating their skills.

Local Goes Global

Aim of the project: promote idea of using local traditions and cultures as a tool to provide non-conventional methods of training in languages, computers and handicrafts to representatives of interested adult groups.

Project resulted from a partnership between organizations from six European countries, involved in the field of adult education: Danish Handicraft Society (Denmark), Trayvna Infocentar (Bulgaria), Centre for the Study and Dissemination of Myths and Tales (Greece), Melide’s High School (Spain) and Vidzeme Culture and Art Association (Latvia).

Target group of the project: disadvantaged people, people over the age of 50 and/or low-qualified and unemployed people.
Project results: Web-based learning environment; five local international cultural festivāls, DVDs on handicraft techniques and folk dances and music; traditional games catalogue, book of European myths and legends collected, package of pedagogical materials.
Project web page: 


ASSITEJ Latvia International Children and Youth Theatre Festival

On September 2007 ASSITEJ Latvia International Children and Youth Theatre Festival took place in Valmiera Drama Theatre. Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas” worked as administrative centre of the festival.
9 performances from 9 different theatres appropriate for children from 4 months to 12 years were demonstrated in festival.
To make Festival more accessible for children from regions and disadvantaged families, Vidzeme Culture and Art Association “Haritas” together with Latvian Red Cross Valmiera division organised action for raising donations.